What started as a folly is today our beloved business that has brought many challenges which have always been faced with great pleasure and dedication.
Milpanos was born amid friendship, excitement of a newly discovered personal availability and a few glasses of wine.
Ester e Rita
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The Story of Milpanos

This story began in 2010 like many others, a dinner party among friends on a warm summer night.

Seated side by side we talked about our grown-up children, busy husbands, retirements on the horizon, and the fact that we now had an unprecedented amount of extra time available.
This realization combined with a beautiful cloth of patchwork on the dinner table made us toy with the idea of a business opportunity. The next day, sober once again, the idea was still on our minds and we took it as a sign that we owed it to ourselves to explore it and see where it would take us.



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